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The most divisive and chaotic Presidential election campaign in recent memory is now over.

Since the 1980s, we have seen a secular bull market in bonds. Interest rates have fallen dramatically during this period causing bond prices to soar.

A look at some of the major world events of the past eight decades, and the corresponding market returns.

When the market is volatile, individuals are tempted to wait for the “all clear” signal before investing. A look at history suggests this may be a mistake.

With investigations of Ponzi schemes by Madoff, Stanford and others all over the news, it is understandable that many investors are cautious and suspicious of whom they hire to manage their wealth.

Discover details about our innovative wealth management program and read details about our investment philosophy.

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  • The Zacks All Cap Core fund invests in companies that we believe offers superior earnings growth potential based on our earnings-driven research model.

  • The Zacks Small Cap Core fund seeks to generate excess return over the market by investing in small-cap companies that we believe possess attractive risk-return characteristics.

  • The Zacks Market Neutral fund is designed to minimize potential exposure to overall equity market risk and generate positive returns in both rising and falling markets.

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