Market Commentary

Market Commentary

Market participants, central banks, and government agencies throughout the world rely on Macroeconomic Advisors to help them understand the U.S. economic outlook and how it effects government and international policies and domestic and foreign financial markets.

When the recent U.S. election sent up a surprise Presidency, we got this old bull market to spring back to life. Here are 3 key parts to the latest "Trump" rally.

Number One— A Republican President and Republican control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives means the chance of passing a spending bill is much higher.

The broad outlines of the forecast are little changed from recent forecasts, as we produced the numbers prior to the election.

This becomes the last "Pre-Trump Baseline" as post-election market moves and expected policy changes are now in the mix.

The broad outlines of the forecast are little changed from recent forecasts.

We expect modestly abovetrend growth averaging just over 2%, a continued downward drift in the unemployment rate to 4.3% by early 2018 and a gradual rise in core inflation to the Fed's 2% target for overall PCE inflation of 2% by mid-2017.

Growth Crests in 2016:H2 Then Trends Down

We revised up our near-term outlook for growth on the recent strength of consumer spending and some better-than-expected news on business fixed investment.

Inventory Bounce to Boost Growth in 2016:H2

This month’s forecast is the first to reflect BEA’s advance estimate of 2nd quarter GDP as well as the agency’s annual or “3-year” revisions to the National Accounts.

Lower Rates for Longer Support Modestly Above-Trend Growth

This forecast incorporates materially lower short- and long-term yields than previous forecasts.

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