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Zacks Investment Management is a boutique investment firm with the resources of one of the largest Independent Research providers in the U.S. Zacks Investment Research employs 560 individuals located in the U.S. and abroad, including 70 equity analysts, and numerous PhDs, CFAs, and MBAs. Zacks Investment Research monitors 3,500 Wall Street analysts, representing 220 brokerage firms, receiving data based on over 5,000 companies.

Zacks Investment Management has a team of dedicated wealth management professionals involved in the management, trading, and servicing of our client accounts.

At the core of this team are the Senior Portfolio Managers:

Ben Zacks

Ben Zacks

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager Ben Zacks has used his expertise to navigate through the market’s ups and downs…several times.

There is no substitute for experience. Ben Zacks is a nationally recognized investment strategist and has historically made many timely and profitable investment decisions. Ben was one of the founders of Zacks Investment Research in 1978, and for years worked on developing, and perfecting, our various strategies and models.

He then used this intimate knowledge of Zacks’ research to begin managing money for clients when he founded Zacks Investment Management in 1992. Ben has a B.A. in Economics from Boston University.

Mitch Zacks

Mitch Zacks

Portfolio Manager

Mitch Zacks wrote the book on how to exploit analysts’ strengths and foibles…literally.

Mitch Zacks is the firm’s primary expert on quantitative investing, and has personally developed many of the proprietary models we use in the management of our strategies. Mitch has written two books on quantitative investment strategies, Ahead Of The Market, which details the Zacks method for spotting stocks early in any economy, and The Little Book of Stock Market Profits: The Best Strategies of All Time Made Better, which was published in 2011 and was one of the top selling investment books at that time.

Prior to joining Zacks, Mitch was an investment banking analyst with Lazard Frères in New York. He has a B.A. in Economics from Yale University and an M.B.A in Analytic Finance from the University of Chicago.

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Our Mutual Funds

  • The Zacks All Cap Core fund invests in companies that we believe offers superior earnings growth potential based on our earnings-driven research model.

  • The Zacks Small Cap Core fund seeks to generate excess return over the market by investing in small-cap companies that we believe possess attractive risk-return characteristics.

  • The Zacks Market Neutral fund is designed to minimize potential exposure to overall equity market risk and generate positive returns in both rising and falling markets.

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Zacks Investment Management (ZIM), is a Registered Investment Advisor founded in 1992. We are an expert in using earnings estimates and quantitative methodologies in the investment process, ZIM offers multiple strategies based on these techniques. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Zacks Investment Research, one of the largest providers of independent research in the U.S.

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