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The average investor underperforms the market, and the reason, in large part, is emotion-based decision-making.

It’s impossible not to feel anything as your portfolio’s value grows, declines and goes through dramatic fluctuations—but if you can keep those emotions from driving your decisions, you stand a far better chance of reaching your investment goals. We created this guide to share some of the best ways to identify and prevent emotional investing, so that you can see the full benefit of your investment strategy.

This investment guide includes:

  • How to maintain your “fundamental” judgment
  • Understanding market history and avoiding reactionary moves
  • Long-term discipline vs. “buy and hope”
How to Avoid
Emotional Investing

As a research-based firm helping investors make data-driven decisions, we share these financial guides with clients, partners, and those with portfolios of $500,000 or more who are looking for objective retirement insights.

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