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Recent research shows that a majority of Americans working today have not saved enough for retirement.

Many face the stress of knowing they’re not saving enough, or the stress of living in retirement without enough resources to enjoy it. Others face the stress of stretching themselves too thin by stocking away more than they need or being too conservative with their investments.

So we created a guide to outline the eight most crucial steps to reduce stress, gain clarity and retire successfully.

This retirement guide will help you:

  • Determine your “magic number,” the amount you’ll need to meet your retirement income needs
  • Use the power of compounding growth to improve your savings rate
  • Make a plan for generating income in retirement
8 Steps Towards a Stress-Free Retirement

As a research-based firm helping investors make data-driven decisions, we share these retirement guides with clients, partners, and those with portfolios of $500,000 or more who are looking for objective retirement insights.

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