The Power of Research

For decades we have been taking independent research and methodically applying it to the investment process, and the benefits are clear: unbiased market insight, a systematic approach to risk and reward, and the confidence that comes from making purely data-driven decisions.

We help financial professionals, private clients and institutional investors to harness the power of independent proprietary research through personalized investment strategies.

“As a subsidiary of Zacks Investment Research, one of the leading independent providers in the country, we are steeped in research like few other firms are. This has led us to numerous award-winning strategies, innovative proprietary models, and an enduring legacy of independence.”

Mitch Zacks, MBA
CEO, Senior Portfolio Manager

Daily financial insights from the Zacks team.

Awards and Press

Our services and strategies regularly earn us industry recognition, including inForma’s PSN Manager of the Decade.

Morningstar Award Recognition
Member of the National Ethics Association
BBB A+ Accredited Business
PSN Top Guns Award - Manager of the Decade 2019
PSN Top Guns Award - Zacks Focus Growth Strategy
PSN Top Guns Award - Zacks Mid Cap Core Strategy
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Categorized or customized?

While many other firms place investors in broad categories, we provide a flexible range of investment solutions with a process to customize your strategy around your personal goals and preferences.

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Our unwavering focus: to methodically reduce risk and improve returns over time.

That’s why independent research is the basis of all our investment models.

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Blog and Resource Library

We are a research-driven firm. We publish hundreds of individual insights and reports each year - from the widely read Mitch on the Markets, to our in-depth monthly stock market report.

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May 9th, 2022
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May 9th, 2022
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May 5th, 2022
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