Empowering Advisors with Data-Driven Investing

Over 40 years ago, Len Zacks made an indelible mark on the investment industry by using his own independent research to expose the relationship between earnings estimate revisions and rising stock prices.

The active management approach and fundamental stock selection process we use today were built on that very discovery, and have generated notable results ever since our inception in 1992.1

We are still a family-owned business, an independent firm, and an experienced team focused on sharing the benefits of research-based investing with each of our clients.

Diagram showing Zacks as a family-owned, independent firmwith an experienced team generating research-based investing.

Why do financial professionals across the country choose to work with Zacks?

Zacks Investment Management is dedicated to delivering results for financial advisors by seeking excess returns over standard benchmarks within a risk-controlled framework.

Here are a few of the ways in which we fulfill this purpose.

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We are a research-driven firm. We publish hundreds of individual insights and reports each year - from the widely read Mitch on the Markets, to our in-depth monthly stock market report.

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