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A Quantitative Approach Built on Earnings Estimate Research

Excess returns start with market anomalies—that’s what 40 years of research and investing has shown us.

The value we offer financial professionals begins with the market anomaly with which the Zacks name has become synonymous: earnings estimate revisions. From this foundational insight, we have designed proprietary tools, turnkey solutions and investment services with one singular purpose: to methodically reduce risk and improve returns over time.

The Zacks Investment Process

Our investment process is a highly disciplined set of steps that encompass our most reliable alpha models and analytical tools, with a daily influx of independent research and manager insight.

Diagram showing the 5-step, proven investment process for Zacks Investment Management

“There are two main reasons our investment process has not changed over the years: first, we have a focus on long-term growth, so by definition our strategies require time to fulfill their objectives. And second, it works. We continue to use this methodology because it has proven itself time and again.”

Mitch Zacks, MBA
CEO, Senior Portfolio Manager

Zacks Strategies

Our strategies are built on 40 years of research and have been proven through decades of award-winning performance.

Our core strategies
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Turnkey Solutions for Financial Professionals

  • SMA Model Blends

    With a set of asset allocations designed to correspond with various investment objectives and risk tolerance levels, our SMA model blends are built with a strategic combination of individual Zacks SMAs.

  • Zacks Custom SMAs

    Our custom SMAs enable financial professionals to deliver all the benefits of separately managed accounts with an additional level of personalization around performance objectives, tax requirements and time horizons. Each custom SMA incorporates a range of investments and factor tilts.

  • Actively Managed ETF Model Portfolios

    Each of our six ETF models uses the Zacks ETF Rank System to capitalize on asset classes gaining momentum, a proprietary 10-year forecasting approach, and quantitative models to select the best-performing ETFs in multiple asset classes.

  • Mutual Funds

    Zacks funds are designed to utilize decades of independent research in earnings estimate revisions. Our growing suite of products are actively managed and follow a methodical process.

What is Zacks Custom Asset Management?

Clients with significant wealth develop specific needs around tax, risk, liquidity and protection. It’s for this reason that customization becomes the single most important factor in helping those clients reach their goals.

The Custom Asset Management service is a one-to-one process of discovery, design and implementation that results in a fully customized investment strategy built around the unique needs of each of your top clients.

This can create a number of opportunities for financial professionals, including:

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We are a research-driven firm. We publish hundreds of individual insights and reports each year - from the widely read Mitch on the Markets, to our in-depth monthly stock market report.

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