A Time-Tested Approach to Institutional Investing

With the support of our parent company Zacks Investment Research, one of the largest providers of investment research in the U.S., we invest billions of dollars for high-net-worth individuals, 401(k) plans, large brokerage firms, pension funds, foundations and endowments all across the country.

Since 1992, we have been providing institutional clients with customized investment portfolios, educational resources, and all the benefits of working with an independent firm.

Our clients gain access to proprietary tools and features including:

  • The Zacks Rank
  • Anomaly-based alpha models
  • Actively managed ETF model portfolios
  • Quantitative investment process
  • Methodical Risk Management
  • Credentialed portfolio management team

Calculated each day for thousands of stocks, the Zacks Rank is a vital input for all Zacks strategies and is widely recognized in the industry as a valuable ranking tool.

Our alpha models use bottom-up analysis to identify important signifiers and help our clients capitalize on investment anomalies that have been tested through decades of academic research and everyday practice.

With the zacks ETF Rank System, proprietary forecasting and quantitative models, our equity and fixed income model portfolios identify leading investments in each asset class.

Rooted in the independent research of our parent company, our quantitative investment process consists of a disciplined set of repeatable steps that have remained largely unchanged since our company’s inception.

Our investment process incorporates added steps to help keep risk profiles low without overcompensating on growth. Mean variance optimization, for example, draws comparisons between individual holdings and the broader market to help improve downside protection, diversification, and return over risk.

We employ a litany of Ph.D.s and other analysts involved in developing and refining models, assessing data and conducting research in order to form new insights into the investment process.

Zacks strategies consistently rank in the top of their respective categories.

Since our parent company’s pioneering research on earnings estimate revisions in the 1970s, we have been developing and refining strategies that enable investors to capitalize on these insights.

This includes the following mutual funds, available to institutional investors.

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The Zacks
Dividend Strategy

  • Routinely ranks in the top 10% in the Morningstar large cap value universe
  • Designed to seek tax-efficient returns from both capital appreciation and dividends
  • Launched in 2005
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The Zacks
All Cap Core Strategy

  • Routinely ranks in the top 10% in the Morningstar all domestic equity manager universe
  • Designed for risk-adjusted growth
  • Launched in 1995
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The Zacks Small Cap
Equity Strategy

  • Has earned numerous Top Guns awards for performance
  • One of Zacks top-performing strategies
  • Is regularly rebalanced to maintain a strong mix of securities
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Zacks Focus
Growth Strategy

  • Has achieved leading performance rankings in the Morningstar large cap growth universe
  • Designed to identify growth-oriented stocks with a large cap bias
  • Has maintained an average of 50-100 positions since its inception in 2003

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We are a research-driven firm. We publish hundreds of individual insights and reports each year - from the widely read Mitch on the Markets, to our in-depth monthly stock market report.

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